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Carrying Multiples

More than one baby in your womb?

* Here is a pregnancy calendar, with typical ultrasounds pictures of twins at various stages of development.

* You'll want to get tips on how to find comfort while you are carrying your babies and  answers to other questions about carrying twins. 

*Here's a doctor giving information about carrying twins on a podcast you can listen to as you do your chores, or, God have mercy, endure bedrest.

* Sign up for a specialized, day-by-day  email sent to you, letting you know how your babies are developing.  

* Look into the twin version of the Brewer's Diet because you are eating for three (or more).

* If you have the rare, but very distressing, diagnosis of twin-to-twin-transfusion-syndrome, visit here.

Recent research has shown that mothers who give birth to multiples are more prone to have postpartum depression, so you might want to look into resources for dealing with this just in case it happens to you.

Finally, If you need to be on bedrest, see our page full of resources, and if you are having a difficult pregnancy, and are beginning to despair, please remember that our God can do amazingly awesome things.



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