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Avoiding Pre-term Labor

Our Babies are meant to stay in utero for the full term, but sometimes they try to come early. Midwives have suggested the following ways to encourage an impatient baby to stay put:


2000mg cal/mag (in a 2-to-1 ratio) supplement every day

100 grams of protein daily

take a probiotic

take crampbark

get enough omega-3 oils

good, whole-foods prenatal vitamin + extra 300 mg. Vit. C daily

salt to taste. Lack of salt is implicated in preterm birth

be sure dental health is good.

be checked for vaginosis, another link to preterm labor.

don't stand on your feet for long hours each day.

Your protein and folate levels and vit C levels need to be optimum.

Your quiet time needs to be a priority. Stress is also linked to this. 

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