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Herbal Program for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension



Protein intake 100 grams or more daily (if getting 100 already may still want to add a protein shake daily)

Regular quality salt intake (earth salt, celtic sea salt, soy sauce)

Minimum of 64 oz water daily in addition to teas below

Flax seed oil 1 Tablespoon daily

Foods that help are buckwheat, onions, garlic, parsley, cucumber (overripe best-eat one daily) and watermelon


Vitamin E 500 I.U.s taken at a meal containing fat

Potassium 1 extra banana or a 95mg tablet daily

Calcium 1000-1200mg with 500-600mg Magnesium daily

Herbal Tinctures, Teas and Capsules

Skullcap tea two cups a day

Hawthorne capsules 1 at each meal

Valerian 1 or 2 capsules at bedtime daily

Garlic capsules 500mg daily

Alternate these two tinctures:

Relaxer Tonic one day/ Liver Tonic the next day

Relaxer tonic containing: Hops, Passion Flower, Hawthorne and Lemon Balm

Liver tonic containing: Milk thistle, dandelion, marshmallow, and chamomile

If you can’t find these tonics then do tea infusions-- Make a big sludge of teas in 1 qt of water and drink throughout the day. Tinctures are best if you can find them.

Relaxation sessions

2 - 20 minute sessions a day

IF ALL ELSE FAILS… Add to the rest of the directions above the following:

  • 500mg capsules of bee pollen 3 x daily

  • Coenzyme Q10 50mg 2 x a daily

  • On days when you go to see caregiver for a BP check make a giant cup of skullcap tea and drink it right up until you get in for the BP check.

with thanks to

Evenstar Herbs/Mary Ann Copson midwife/herbalist


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