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Charting Your Fertility

If you are trying to conceive, or if you are trying to space babies naturally, you will want to chart your fertility, using a graph, a basal body thermometer, and a pen to record the dates of marital intimacy, changes in your cervical mucus, and all variations in other cyclical conditions.


Here is the best on-line instruction we've found on charting your fertility.


This device, a fertility predictor, gives you instructions on how to examine your saliva under a microscope to determine the most fertile points in your cycle.


For spiritual and practical encouragement as you try to conceive, look at the Cascades Christian Childbirth site.

 If you have irregular cycles, try Lunaception: "Women's menstrual cycles became regular by sleeping in complete darkness Days 1-13, sleeping with a 100-watt bulb burning all night (under a lampshade in their bedroom) Days 14-17, and then returning to sleeping in complete dark."

And, if you are on that monthly roller coaster of every two weeks waiting to ovulate, and then spending two weeks wondering if you are pregnant, get your pregnancy tests by the dozen at the Dollar Tree, where both ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests cost a buck.


~ Fertility Herbal Brew ~



1 oz. dried NETTLE LEAVES


1 oz. dried RASPBERRY LEAF


Prepare an infusion of these herbs using 1 quart of boiling water.

Steep herbs overnight. Strain and drink freely throughout the day.

You may add 5-15 drops of EITHER Dong Quai tincture OR False Unicorn Root tincture to 1 cup of the above infusion ONCE DAILY. (In other words, if you drink all 4 cups of the infusion in 1 day add one of the tinctures to only 1 of those cups of infusion.)


One midwife has suggested in addition to learning NFP, trying an old trick: take some Guiefenissin (sp?) (generic Robitussin)  every night before bed, as it thins secretions, including vaginal secretions, and makes it easier for sperm to swim up stream, making it more likely to reach egg.



Struggling with Infertility

Hannah's Prayer Ministry is a Christian group caring for women who have either lost babies in the womb, or have not been blessed with a fruitful womb.  Hannah herself understood the great concern and provocation caused to a woman when God had chosen to close her womb. Read her story in I Samuel, chapters 1 and 2.

Herbal Remedies to Increase Fertility

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