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Swollen Feet and Ankles ~ Edema

Do your lower extremities look like the huge sausages that hang in old-fashioned butcher's shop windows?  Especially in late pregnancy during the hot summer months, edema can be common and an irritating symptom.  Here are a collection of ideas and remedies.  One of them might give you the relief you're looking for.

~Drink Wheatgrass juice

~Drink more water


~put your feet up when you are relaxing

~Soak your puppies in a half-cup of Epsom salts with a few drops of peppermint oil in a tub of warm water.

~ask hubby for a foot massage.

~wear support pantyhose.

~eat an excellent diet.

~salt food to taste

~wear comfortable clothes

~if swelling occurs in face or spots other than feet and ankles, contact your midwife or doctor to check that you aren't suffering from pre-eclampsia.


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