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Warning Signs

There are certain conditions that your doctor or midwife need to know about, even before your next appointment. Should any of these occur, contact your practitioner right away: 

  1. Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  2. Swelling or puffing of the face, hands or ankles to an extreme.
  3. Persistent vomiting.
  4. Persistent daily headache.
  5. Blurring of vision or spots before your eyes.
  6. Uncontrollable leakage of fluid from the vagina.
  7. Any sharp pain that persists with or without vaginal bleeding.
  8. Chills and fever.
  9. Marked increase or decrease in the amount of urine passed, or burning with urination.
  10. Sudden weight gain.

MOST IMPORTANT: If your baby’s movements suddenly decrease or stop, or the movement becomes “frantic” please call your doctor or midwife immediately. If they are unavailable, please seek medical help as this may indicate that the baby is in distress. 

(with thanks to PAC for original list,

If you miscarry your baby

If you lose your baby at any point in your pregnancy, you will need to seek help from sympathetic friends and family, and call upon the Lord for sustenance and comfort in your time of grieving. Far too often miscarriage is ignored or minimize, and far too often women are carrying the weights of both mourning and feeling guilt over not "just getting on with life." Scripture tells us that 

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