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Share what's in your doula bag, and why you love it.

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Here is a list of my doula bag contents. Each item has a clearly typed label with simple instructions. There is also a "bag manual" included in case someone borrows my bag or I need assistance. In addtion I pack a cooler of food to be shared during labor. Usually this includes fruit, vegetable juice, protein such as pieces of meat or cheese, and some sort of a sweet. Most items are cut into bit size pieces so they can be eaten quicly between contractions (and away from the laboring mother where the odors may aggravate her).


Here are the contents of my main bag:

Doula Bag Contents



  1. Scripture and Song sheets


  2. Compact Bible


  3. Chapstick


  4. Aromatherapy wrap


  5. Aromatherapy lotions: orange ginger, cucumber, ginger, eucalyptus spearmint


  6. plastic massagers, 2


  7. rebozo


  8. pony holders


  9. comb


  10. tennis balls, 3 in a can


  11. disposable camera


  12. tissue pack


  13. Tic tacs



Things to add:


Wooden roller (for holding [pressure points in hands] and lower back)


Sour candy (relieve nausea and moisten mouth, sugar for energy boost)


Aromatherapy oils:


  • rose (has affinity with reproductive system, assist circulation, encourages deep breathing, antidepressant) or


  • rose/lavender (combined with lavender effects),


  • ylang ylang (calming and anti-depressant for those who are fearful and anxious),


  • neroli (reduces fear and apprehension, helps proper breathing and concentration)


Rose spray if no oil is available (see above for rose)



Explanations for each item



1.           scripture and song:


When the mother reaches the “I can’t do this anymore.” stage do the following: first, let her know that no, she can’t do this without relying on Christ as her Rock, but with Him all things are possible. Then bring out verses and songs to recite to/with her as an encouragement. Try to have others sing with you, have the father read the verses as the spiritual head of the house.



2.           compact Bible:


for those who may want their own verses, or for times away from the birth when the doula needs strength and comfort.



3.           chapstick:


for the mom after she has been using breathing as a tool for a while. Watch for the dry lips and offer chapstick and ice as appropriate. Keep the chapstick free of odor as the mouth and nose are so close that the proximity may allow the aroma to cause nausea towards the end of the active phase and especially in the transitional phase.



4.           Aromatherapy wrap Chamomile/lavender: lavender dulls and eases pain, but intensifies contractions, also to soothe headaches


a.       kneaded by hands, less aroma and good stress reliever.


b.       Heated for lower back for back labor and pain as baby descends.


c.        Heated for abdomen when the pains/cramps are uncomfortable.



5.           lotions should be used during massage or when odors in the room are aggravating the mother


a.       orange ginger: orange relieves fluid retention in ankles and legs


b.       cucumber: calming


c.        ginger: both calming and energizing


d.       eucalyptus spearmint


e.       jasmine: analgesic and anti-spasmodic, calms and engergizes, uplifts emotions



6.           plastic massagers: may be used on lower back or on upper legs. May also be held by mother and used without assistance.



7.           rebozo: long scarf to be used as an extension of the doula’s hands. Hold so it cradles the abdomen and use to relieve pressure. Especially good while leaning forward to relieve lower back pain. May add a heating or cooling element for comfort as well.



8.           pony holders: when the laboring woman’s hair begins to bother her, offer her the use of these to hold back her hair , terrycloth holders are most effective in holding the hair back without breaking it.



9.           comb: clench so tines press into crease between palm and first knuckle or across the palm so that it does not hit the valley by the thumb.



10.       tennis balls: may be clenched in the hand to relieve stress or used to press against lower back for relief from back labor. The can may be wrapped in a towel while the balls are inside to provide a solid form and used to roll up and down the back.



11.       disposable camera: in case the family forgets their own camera



12.      tissues: at the end when all are crying… or if needed earlier.



"...remember that you are a woman, and that this work of God in you is pleasing to him. Trust joyfully in his will, and let him have his way with you." ~Martin Luther from Luther's 1522 Sermon called, "The Estate of Marriage"

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I love what you have in your bag! I need to print that out.


I found a set of aromatherapy oils that are created to help with four stages of labor, early, active, transition, and pushing. My clients love them.

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Wow! I know this is an old post but it's so super helpful! I have been looking for a list like this for some time. Thank you!

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